The charts are up!

chartsWe’ve put the physical charts on display in our windows at Tenison Road and Station Road. They’re presenting a mix of live sensor data being collected on Tenison Road and polls being answered in different ways throughout the neighbourhood. The display will be up till Christmas.

One of the pie charts (left) is dedicated to a daily question that anyone can answer, so everyone’s invited to participate. Vote everyday at

So, why not:

And, if you want other ways to vote:

SMS: Text 80818
In your message, write VOTE and the number of your answer, followed by an optional comment.
For example, to vote for option 2, send the message “VOTE 2 optional comment”.
(Network charges apply)

Twitter: Tweet @tenisonroad
In your message, write #VOTE #answer_number, followed by an optional comment.
For example, to vote for option 1, tweet “@tenisonroad #VOTE #1 optional comment”.

At the Victoria and Albert

We’ve just presented Tenison Road’s physical data displays and Bullfrogs at the Victoria and Albert Museum. As part of London’s Design Festival, we showcased the data technologies – soon to be introduced on Tenison Road – to a public audience invited to consider the collaborative and physical making of digital things. Apparently, over the weekend 13,000 people passed through the part of the V&A we presented in – quite something! Here’s a few snaps: Continue reading

The Street Party

Last Sunday (July 27th) we had a wonderful street party to celebrate Tenison Road’s 125th year since it’s official opening and, with lots of people from the neighbourhood milling around, we had the opportunity to showcase some of the data activities we’ve been working on with the community. As you’ll see from the photos, we had lovely weather and with local residents out in force,  it was a fab day with a real community spirit in the air. Follow the link to see the photos. Continue reading

Data-Instruments go live at the Street Party

A few snaps of our data-instruments at the Tenison Road Street Party last Sunday. If you’re curious and would like to know more, email us.

Poll results: Council proposals

A couple of weeks ago we put 8 posters up on Tenison road and Devonshire road for one week asking about the importance of each one of the council proposed street changes for the neighbourhood (check related post here). You  can find the council proposals here

We are excited to say that 283 buttons were pressed across all the posters during this week. You were mostly in favour of all of the proposed changes (except from the changes on Devonshire). You were more supportive of proposals 6, 3 and 1 (Canon’s green, Felton street junction and Mill road junction).

Here are the results from the posters; the inner pie chart represents the total number of votes cast whereas the outer one the number of votes excluding suspect multiple votes (based on time of button press).

Feel free to comment or contact us if you have any questions on the data, posters etc.

Proposal 1: Your support for Mill road/Tenison road junction

Continue reading