Results: Are you attending the public consultation?

Between 1st to 3rd July we put six interactive posters up along Tenison Road, all asking “Are you attending the public consultation for Tenison Road?

Combined with an online poll the results show the significant number of those who voted planned to attend the public consultation.

Break down of votes for each poster (select numbered icon to see details):

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PosterVote 4: 52.197132, 0.134754
PosterVote 3: 52.197477, 0.135065
PosterVote 1: 52.199874, 0.136685
PosterVote 2: 52.198666, 0.135988
PosterVote 5: 52.196951, 0.135216
PosterVote 6: 52.194726, 0.134599

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