Bullfrog progress

To use during the year, we’ve been designing a small device called Bullfrog. The idea is, with one in most households along Tenison Road, Bullfrog will allow people to vote on topics and themes relevant to the neighbourhood.

About the size of a small bedside clock, Bullfrog has a slot to read paper-based cards. The combination of cards and devices will let us poll the street about matters raised during the year and allow residents to pose some of their own questions.

Early on, it took a bit of work to think about the design of a device that people might want in their homes and that they might use to comment and vote on issues. We wanted to build something that felt a little poetic and that might peak people’s interests. What we didn’t want was something that felt like a research instrument or a burden to use.

Lately, it’s been taking some time to get the mechanics, electronics and software of the device right. A big hurdle has been how to build a way to read real paper cards – about the size of business cards. It’s surprisingly complicated to build something that will give us the flexibility we need, but that is robust and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. These two 3D renderings give a rough idea of what Bullfrog’s internals will look like and how the card will slot into it.



We’re hoping to get the Bullfrogs into production and build about 100 of them in January. Fingers crossed! Once we’ve got them all working, we’ll be looking for homes/businesses to use them! Do let us know if you’re keen to do so.

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