Cambridge Station Square development

Because it’s likely to have an impact on Tenison Road, we thought it would be worth posting this PDF file¬†(565kb) and image of the Station Square development. It’s an interim plan but it provides a reasonable idea of the planned changes to the station area around Cambridge station, Station Road and Tenison Road.


The Station is just visible at the top of the page. Tenison Road isn’t visible, but would run along just below the bottom of the page. Note, the Northern Access Road would run off Tenison Road.

(We have provided a copy of the plan and the PDF from the Cambridge City Council public access pages. We feel justified in publishing the plan given that it is a matter of public record, that it is not straightforward to find and there is no way to directly link to it. There are numerous documents detailing the planned development on the City Council’s public access pages.)

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