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The charts are up!

chartsWe’ve put the physical charts on display in our windows at Tenison Road and Station Road. They’re presenting a mix of live sensor data being collected on Tenison Road and polls being answered in different ways throughout the neighbourhood. The display will be up till Christmas.

One of the pie charts (left) is dedicated to a daily question that anyone can answer, so everyone’s invited to participate. Vote everyday at

So, why not:

And, if you want other ways to vote:

SMS: Text 80818
In your message, write VOTE and the number of your answer, followed by an optional comment.
For example, to vote for option 2, send the message “VOTE 2 optional comment”.
(Network charges apply)

Twitter: Tweet @tenisonroad
In your message, write #VOTE #answer_number, followed by an optional comment.
For example, to vote for option 1, tweet “@tenisonroad #VOTE #1 optional comment”.

Local history noticeboard for Tenison Road

More news, this time from Cambridge City Council. Thanks to Frank Gawthrop’s (GTARA) initiative, Tenison Road is getting a new notice board, this time dedicated to local history. The idea came out our discussions about an Archive for Tenison Road and ways to display the materials we’re collecting. The noticeboard will be installed on Canons Green and hopefully be of a similar style to the one there now, but able to be closed.

Details can be downloaded from the City Council website here and seen on page 30.


Almost halfway through the year-long Tenison Road project, we agreed at last months meeting that it would be a good idea to produce a newsletter that could be distributed along the road. The letter’s at the printers and will be ready to post next week. Have a sneak peak here:

Street Party?

At last months meeting, we also spent a bit of time discussing the possibility of a Tenison Road street party. Hoping to rekindle the road’s tradition of have a communal party (usually in the autumn), we discussed the feasibility of using the green to celebrate the 125th year of Tenison Road’s official opening.

It was agreed the aim should be to keep things fairly informal, in keeping with tradition. Alongside giving everyone a better sense of what we’ve been doing with data, the hope is people might bring along food, drink, etc.

General agreement was a party on Sunday the 27th of July would best. We’ll be making a more formal announcement as soon as we know more and we’re confident we can have the party.

Data Log

Short post to say we’ve started a data log to keep a record of the data we’re using for this project. We’re especially keen to log the data we have that is in any way tied to people (e.g., residents, proprietors, anonymous participants, etc.). The list is short now, but will grow. Please make a comment on the data log page if you think we might be missing something or you have any concerns.

Next meeting

We’re running our next community meeting at 6:30 on 29th January. This time we’ll be discussing traffic and movement along Tenison Road and thinking about the relevance of data. We’ll talk about the data that’s available now and the kinds of data we can collect. We’ll also be questioning the role data can play in making a difference to the way Tenison Road is used. Please do get in touch if you’d like to join us. Email or twitter @tenisonroad.