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Bullfrog progress

To use during the year, we’ve been designing a small device called Bullfrog. The idea is, with one in most households along Tenison Road, Bullfrog will allow people to vote on topics and themes relevant to the neighbourhood.

About the size of a small bedside clock, Bullfrog has a slot to read paper-based cards. The combination of cards and devices will let us poll the street about matters raised during the year and allow residents to pose some of their own questions. Continue reading

Invitation to meeting #1

To get the Tenison Road project underway, we want to invite you to the first of the project meetings to be held next month, Wednesday 20th November from 6:30pm to 8pm.

At the meeting, we’ll be asking you to come up with questions you’d like to ask the people of Tenison Road. We’ll also be discussing what if any community data we’d like to share with a wider audience, beyond Tenison Road. With these themes in mind, we’re giving this first meeting the title: “Ask Tenison Road, tell the Nation.”

We’ll be figuring out the details for the meeting over the coming weeks, but our hope is this broad format will help us to think about what data means for the street and what we’d like to use it for. We also envisage some of the questions to be asked and answered using the ‘Bull Frog” device we presented last week – once we’ve got the technical bits sorted out. We’ll be in touch with further details about the meeting in the next couple of weeks.