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Meeting #4 – Wildlife and Plant Survey

On 31st March, we met to talk about a Garden Wildlife and Plant Survey for Tenison Road. The general idea is that we compile a list of the wildlife and plant life in people’s gardens (and on the road itself) and that this might serve (i) as a record on what’s happening where on the street and (ii) as a source of ideas for what people might cultivate themselves. Continue reading

Data Log

Short post to say we’ve started a data log to keep a record of the data we’re using for this project. We’re especially keen to log the data we have that is in any way tied to people (e.g., residents, proprietors, anonymous participants, etc.). The list is short now, but will grow. Please make a comment on the data log page if you think we might be missing something or you have any concerns.

Traffic and movement

When we started thinking about this project we very quickly came to understand that traffic on Tenison Road is a concern. We learnt that a number of residents (as well as GTARA, the local residents association) had already begun to push Cambridge City Council to do some kind of audit and implement traffic calming measures. Being on a primary thoroughfare between the Mill Road area and the train station, Tenison Road gets plenty of traffic passing along it, and not just cars but pedestrians and cyclists.

Continue reading

Bullfrog progress

To use during the year, we’ve been designing a small device called Bullfrog. The idea is, with one in most households along Tenison Road, Bullfrog will allow people to vote on topics and themes relevant to the neighbourhood.

About the size of a small bedside clock, Bullfrog has a slot to read paper-based cards. The combination of cards and devices will let us poll the street about matters raised during the year and allow residents to pose some of their own questions. Continue reading