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Meeting #4 – Wildlife and Plant Survey

On 31st March, we met to talk about a Garden Wildlife and Plant Survey for Tenison Road. The general idea is that we compile a list of the wildlife and plant life in people’s gardens (and on the road itself) and that this might serve (i) as a record on what’s happening where on the street and (ii) as a source of ideas for what people might cultivate themselves. Continue reading

Meeting #3 – The Archive


Aerial photo of Tenison Road, circa Aug 1945. Courtesy of Chris Going, resident and MD of GeoInformation Historic.

Just catching up on our meeting summaries. Way back in February, we met to talk about the Tenison Road archive that Margaret Cranmer has been putting together.* Margaret walked through all the work she’s put into compiling a paper-based record of the street. Drawing on the archive’s content, she recounted some lovely stories about aspects of the street and some of the people who have lived and worked on it. Did you know, for example, that the road is named after Thomas Tenison (once Archbishop of Canterbury and not a misspelt reference to the poet), or that residents have included members of the long established mercantile families of Cambridge?

Margaret’s overview generated a lively discussion and a lot of enthusiasm for developing the archive. Naturally, we discussed extending what’s been compiled to include an online record of the street’s past and indeed its present history (if that isn’t an anachronism). Residents spoke about content they would want to add (including more photos like the one above) and different ways of recording the character of the street now, for future posterity.

With this in mind, we’re beginning to work on a way for the Tenison Road community to build a ‘data-bank’ of their own that points to some of the paper-based archive’s content and also allows for different and new forms content to be added. Watch this space for news on this!

*We really can’t thank Margaret enough for the incredible job she’s done in compiling the archive.

Meeting #1- Ask Tenison Road, Tell the Nation

On 20th November about 25 of us met to discuss the different views of Tenison Road and the different ways we’d like to represent these views with/using data. The meeting was titled “Ask Tenison Road, Tell the Nation.”

propsThese are a few of the themes I made note of during the conversations:

A number of people spoke about their interest in the street’s history. There was agreement that it would be nice to see an archive produced for the street capturing the different historical moments in the area, the different types of people who have lived on Tenison Road, and the particular histories for each house. We also discussed how there might be physical/visual markers to this archive, like the plaques that are placed outside houses on Covent Garden in Cambridge (see news story on these plaques here ). One of the residents on Tenison Road, Margaret, an archivist who has lived on the street for 41 years, has agreed to start this archiving process. Siân Lindley, from Microsoft Research, will work closely with her as this nicely aligns with Siân’s research interest in temporality/time. Continue reading

Invitation to meeting #1

To get the Tenison Road project underway, we want to invite you to the first of the project meetings to be held next month, Wednesday 20th November from 6:30pm to 8pm.

At the meeting, we’ll be asking you to come up with questions you’d like to ask the people of Tenison Road. We’ll also be discussing what if any community data we’d like to share with a wider audience, beyond Tenison Road. With these themes in mind, we’re giving this first meeting the title: “Ask Tenison Road, tell the Nation.”

We’ll be figuring out the details for the meeting over the coming weeks, but our hope is this broad format will help us to think about what data means for the street and what we’d like to use it for. We also envisage some of the questions to be asked and answered using the ‘Bull Frog” device we presented last week – once we’ve got the technical bits sorted out. We’ll be in touch with further details about the meeting in the next couple of weeks.