Data Log

Data Log

This a public record of all the human/subject data and materials being kept for the purposes of this project.


Alex Taylor
Air quality readings from air quality eggs
Stored on the Air Quality Egg website, the Xively cloud service and the project pages associated with the Tenison Road web pages
The Air Quality Eggs, available here:, use a public cloud service to share their data. The data is available through the website. For the Tenison Road project, taking the air quality data and storing it so we can analyse it for the purposes of the project.
Sian Lindley
Field notes
Shared OneNote, also the original set of notes in my own notebook
Kept as a record of the meetings we have had with residents, to document the project and to remind myself what I am supposed to be doing. Will be a resource in writing up.
Richard Banks
Sketches of prototypes for things we’re building for the residents of Tenison Road.
On the hard drives of the designers working on this project.
This is development work that designers create to work through their ideas. It’s normal for them to keep these kinds of sketches as a record of the ideas they thought about.
Alex Taylor
A paper archive of historical documents about the street, some of its residencies and buildings and some of its past residents, proprietors, etc.
It is being held by Margaret Cranmer a resident of Tenison Road
Margaret Cranmer has built and maintained this archive. She has made two copies so one can be loaned out to residents of Tenison Road.
Alex Taylor
Emails from residents and proprietors working on Tenison Road
On a email account (
These are being kept for correspondence purposes. In some cases excerpts of emails may be used in publications to illustrate a point. No material will be used with permission and unless otherwise agreed with the author, the materials will remain anonymous.
Alex Taylor
Names and emails of Tenison Road residents
On a secure Sharepoint server managed by Microsoft Research
This is used to keep in regular contact with residents who volunteered to provide this information.

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