Wildlife and Plant Survey

Garden Survey

Jay (image from BBC Nature pages).

Beginning this April/May, we’re encouraging those who live on Tenison Road to participate in surveys of wildlife and plants and trees in their gardens. Inspired by other garden surveys and motivated by suggestions from residents, the aim is to piece together a snapshot of what’s living and growing in gardens on the road. We’re not expecting the data collected to be completely accurate, but we’d like to think it will offer everyone a glimpse into the biodiversity along Tenison Road.

We’re planning two activities:

1. Biodiversity log
One will involve residents recording particularly noteworthy events in their gardens and on Tenison Road using this webpage: tenisonroad.com/bio-log. From this, we want to build a timeline of, for example, flowers blossoming, trees bearing fruit, wildlife mating, vegetables being harvested, pruning, etc. The aim is to build a biodiversity log for the street that we hope will be of general interest, but also might give people ideas for what to grow and when, what wildlife they might encourage and how, etc.

2. 30-Minute Snapshot and plant survey
The second activity is a short survey of birds, wildlife, plants, vegetables, etc. Survey cards will be distributed to residents asking for a 30 minute snapshot of birds and wildlife and a record of plants, vegetation, etc. (a copy of the survey card can be downloaded here: garden-survey). We’d like to have these completed in April/May and returned to us at Microsoft Research where we’ll compile the data and work with residents to find the best way to present the results back to the community. For example we’re thinking of presenting the results on a map showing showing where things are growing and where wildlife has been seen. Rest assured we’ll protect people’s personal details.

Online Biodiversity log
Printable 30-Minute Snapshot and plant survey
For questions or further details please email: info@tenisonroad.com

Additional Information
A handy page published by the BBC with details and images of UK birds can be found here; more details on plants are available here; and other links to mammals, reptiles, insects, etc. can be found here.

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