Meeting #4 – Wildlife and Plant Survey

On 31st March, we met to talk about a Garden Wildlife and Plant Survey for Tenison Road. The general idea is that we compile a list of the wildlife and plant life in people’s gardens (and on the road itself) and that this might serve (i) as a record on what’s happening where on the street and (ii) as a source of ideas for what people might cultivate themselves.


Garden snapshot. Click to download.

As a group, we spoke about the format of a survey, the kinds of data we’d want to collect, how we’d want to present it, and where we’d keep it. We decided to have two mechanisms for collecting the data. One would be a paper-based survey to be distributed to all homes on the road. This would give residents the chance to record a ‘snapshot’ of their plant- and wild-life and allow everyone to share details about what’s happening in their gardens.

The second data repository would be an online one in which residents could log particular events like flowers blossoming, trees bearing fruit, wildlife mating, vegetables being harvested, pruning, etc., or unusual wildlife sightings. Again, the hope is this would build up a rich picture of plant- and wild-life along Tenison Road. We’ve just set up a page to submit data to this repository. Do add your own entry here:

Key to the success of this Wildlife and Plant Survey is the involvement of the community. For the time being, we’re going to log all the results and publish on this site in a table. However, if we see lots of participation and interest, we’ll start working with the community to develop more interesting and hopefully helpful ways of looking at the data (e.g. using maps, printing booklets, etc.). So please do participate even if it’s only adding an entry to the online log.

For further details of the survey please see here:

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