Polling interest in the Tenison Road public consultation


To compliment the interactive posters placed along Tension Road, we’ve set up an online poll to gauge how many people are attending this Thursday’s Public Consolation on the proposed traffic/environmental enhancement scheme.

Make sure you’re counted either by using the interactive posters or the online poll!

(Results from the posters will be added to the online poll later this week)

Local history noticeboard for Tenison Road

More news, this time from Cambridge City Council. Thanks to Frank Gawthrop’s (GTARA) initiative, Tenison Road is getting a new notice board, this time dedicated to local history. The idea came out our discussions about an Archive for Tenison Road and ways to display the materials we’re collecting. The noticeboard will be installed on Canons Green and hopefully be of a similar style to the one there now, but able to be closed.

Details can be downloaded from the City Council website here and seen on page 30.

Consultation on traffic and environmental scheme

Tenison Road road planBreaking news via Frank Gawthrop of GTARA.

On 3rd July in the afternoon and evening, Cambridgeshire County County are holding a public consultation on the Tenison Road “Traffic and Environmental Enhancement Scheme”. This will offer residents of Tenison Road and the neighbourhood a chance to see and have their say on the proposals, and hopefully make some contributions. The details from the Council’s notice are:

Plans of the proposals will be available to view on Thursday July 3rd 2014 between 2pm and 8pm at The Lounge, 49-53 King’s Church, Tenison Road, Cambridge, CB1 2DG. Council officers will be on hand to answer questions and questionnaires will be available for attendees to complete.

The full letter of notice can be downloaded here; some more details are available on the County Council’s website here; and an overview of potential changes to the road can be downloaded here.

PosterVote: Providing the tools to support local decision making

PosterVote is an electronic poster consisting of two parts: the printed poster with the question and answers that you can print by using this webapp and the hardware which is a thin, flexible circuit board with 5 buttons and 5 LEDs to be placed at the back of the poster. The two parts can be laminated together to protect the hardware from environmental conditions.

Do you think that PosterVote can be used on Tenison too?


Almost halfway through the year-long Tenison Road project, we agreed at last months meeting that it would be a good idea to produce a newsletter that could be distributed along the road. The letter’s at the printers and will be ready to post next week. Have a sneak peak here:

Reporting on the data-policy day

Quick note to say we’ve got a site up now that summarises aspects of the data policy dialogue we posted about here, at the beginning of March. It’s a developing site that we hope will encourage a deeper discussion around the issues of policy and data, and especially their relevance to people’s real-world concerns (and hopes) – people like those living and working on Tenison Road. See here: http://data-policy.info.