Poll results: Council proposals

A couple of weeks ago we put 8 posters up on Tenison road and Devonshire road for one week asking about the importance of each one of the council proposed street changes for the neighbourhood (check related post here). You  can find the council proposals here

We are excited to say that 283 buttons were pressed across all the posters during this week. You were mostly in favour of all of the proposed changes (except from the changes on Devonshire). You were more supportive of proposals 6, 3 and 1 (Canon’s green, Felton street junction and Mill road junction).

Here are the results from the posters; the inner pie chart represents the total number of votes cast whereas the outer one the number of votes excluding suspect multiple votes (based on time of button press).

Feel free to comment or contact us if you have any questions on the data, posters etc.

Proposal 1: Your support for Mill road/Tenison road junction

Proposal 2: Your support for Tenison road Salvation Army to Bolton’s warehouse

Proposal 3: Your support for Tenison road/Felton street junction

Proposal 4: Your support for Tenison road outside King’s church

Missing poster.

Proposal 5: Your support for Tenison road/Wilkin street junction

Proposal 6: Your support for Tenison road Canon’s green

Proposal 7: Your support for Tenison road/Tenison avenue zebra crossing

Proposal 8 & 9: Your support for Devonshire road changes

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