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At the Victoria and Albert

We’ve just presented Tenison Road’s physical data displays and Bullfrogs at the Victoria and Albert Museum. As part of London’s Design Festival, we showcased the data technologies – soon to be introduced on Tenison Road – to a public audience invited to consider the collaborative and physical making of digital things. Apparently, over the weekend 13,000 people passed through the part of the V&A we presented in – quite something! Here’s a few snaps: Continue reading

Bullfrog progress

To use during the year, we’ve been designing a small device called Bullfrog. The idea is, with one in most households along Tenison Road, Bullfrog will allow people to vote on topics and themes relevant to the neighbourhood.

About the size of a small bedside clock, Bullfrog has a slot to read paper-based cards. The combination of cards and devices will let us poll the street about matters raised during the year and allow residents to pose some of their own questions. Continue reading