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The Street Party

Last Sunday (July 27th) we had a wonderful street party to celebrate Tenison Road’s 125th year since it’s official opening and, with lots of people from the neighbourhood milling around, we had the opportunity to showcase some of the data activities we’ve been working on with the community. As you’ll see from the photos, we had lovely weather and with local residents out in force,  it was a fab day with a real community spirit in the air. Follow the link to see the photos. Continue reading

Data-Instruments go live at the Street Party

A few snaps of our data-instruments at the Tenison Road Street Party last Sunday. If you’re curious and would like to know more, email us.

Street Party?

At last months meeting, we also spent a bit of time discussing the possibility of a Tenison Road street party. Hoping to rekindle the road’s tradition of have a communal party (usually in the autumn), we discussed the feasibility of using the green to celebrate the 125th year of Tenison Road’s official opening.

It was agreed the aim should be to keep things fairly informal, in keeping with tradition. Alongside giving everyone a better sense of what we’ve been doing with data, the hope is people might bring along food, drink, etc.

General agreement was a party on Sunday the 27th of July would best. We’ll be making a more formal announcement as soon as we know more and we’re confident we can have the party.