Votes and Ballots

We’re going to be holding a series of votes and ballots for the people living and working on Tenison Road (and passers-by). In part, this is an exercise in local democracy, an experiment of sorts to see what kinds of issues come up with these kinds of locally initiated voting and what levels of participation we achieve.

We’ll be inviting votes and ballots, and participation in a range of ways:

pollBallotshare: Everyone’s welcome to create their own vote or ballot using our online system BallotShare. You’ll need to create an account, but it’s easy to use and we’ll do our best to publicise everyone’s questions.


poster1_2PosterVote: We’ve started putting interactive posters along Tenison Road that give people access to voting on public issues. Again, we want to encourage people to design their own posters using this online website. Residents have already begun thinking about . All posters will have a corresponding online ballot/poll on BallotShare.


BullFrog: In the coming weeks we hope to invite households to have their own BullFrogs. These little devices will let people vote on ballots and polls from the comfort of their own homes. They will also give residents on Tenison Road the chance to poll the neighbourhood, getting local responses from people who live locally.

On Tuesday 1st July we held a meeting with residents

At the 1st July Community Meeting we spent time thinking about questions we would want on posters. Some of these will be showing up along Tenison Road over July and August.

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